if you add your website in your 'about ' and a cover to you profil , under all your videos you can see a link refferer to your website !

stop uploading non-working videos or I delete your account

just upload new album http://dattr.com/preview?t=73106325d1f60491bc04a5bc490f7930348fa174

just upload new album http://dattr.com/preview?t=db117c906f11741f7dafbedd5b763cdd6a9863ab

just upload new album http://dattr.com/preview?t=a0ca5c087b8f70ca8743815b74718e61f33cc626

just upload new album http://dattr.com/preview?t=db53ec7a9526e1c547ef40c65e8b6c1d8a0bd705

just upload new album http://dattr.com/preview?t=5b4e70ceab1c2cbbfdd2da24bbfdc1eec2e569d8

just setting up my dattr