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1. Registration; username and Passwords.

Certain sections of the present Web site can be reserved for the registered users. When a procedure of registration applies, he can be asked to you to join with the page of registration to reach certain zones of the Web site. As regards this registration, we can refuse to grant you, and you cannot use, a user name or a belonging e-mail address in either already used ( e ) by another person, or being able to be interpreted as a usurpation of the identity of another person, or carrying(wearing) infringement of rights of intellectual property or other rights of a person; or shocking; or what we refuse for any other motive in our entire discretion. It is up to you to protect the confidentiality of any password which you could use to reach the Web site, and you agree not to communicate in third one your user name or your password, nor to give or transfer whatever other way it is in a third your right(law) to use or to reach the Web site. You are solely responsible for all the transactions (including the information passed on( in connection with such transactions and other interactions with the Web site, Which would intervene in connection with your user name. You agree to indicate immediately to the dattr.com any unauthorized use of your password or user name, or breach in the safety relating to your account, your user name or the Web site, And you will assure that you "disconnect" (" log out ") and go out of your account on the Web site at the end of every session. We disclaim all liability for the losses and the damage resulting from a breach from you in the obligations known expressed.

2. Rules of conduct.

We wait for users of the Web site that they respect the laws as well as the rights and the dignity of others. By using this Web site, you agree to respect all the applicable laws and regulations. Besides, your use of the Web site is subject to the respect for the rules of behavior expressed in this section, and the failure to respect the aforementioned rules of behavior can pull the termination of your access to the Web site.

You refrain from yourselves of:

- post, pass on(transmit) or give otherwise(differently) via, or in connection with, the Web site:
Information or elements which are, or may be, or among which the posting, the transmission or the use is, or may be: ( a ) constituent of threats, harassment, humiliations, of intimidations, pedophile ( 18 ), zoophile, urinary, coprophile, terrorist, or to incite to the hatred; B) Slanderous; ( c ) fraudulent or illicit; ( d ) or be debatable in a different way; ( e ) protected by a copyright, a mark(brand), a commercial trade secret, a right(law) of advertising(publicity) or respect for private life, or quite different right(straight) owner; F) A description or an approval of the alcohol abuse; or ( g ) a description or an approval of inappropriate activities;

- Elements which can engage the civil or penal responsibility; encouraging constituent behavior of penal breaches; Or encouraging, or giving instructions on, illegal activities or activities such as the "hacking", the "cracking" or the "phreaking";

- Elements which can engage penal golden civil tea responsibility; encouraging establish behavior of penal breaches; yet encouraging, yet giving instructions one, illegal activities yet activities such have tea "hacking", tea "cracking" yet tea "phreaking";

- Advertisements, promotional materials, " e-mail junk ", "spam", "chains"("channels"), " pyramidal systems " or opportunities of investment, not requested or unauthorized, or any other shape of request not expressly approved beforehand by dattr;

- Information concerning another natural person and allowing to identify this natural person, without the preliminary agreement of the aforementioned person example " re-avenge porn ";

- Not public significant elements concerning a company(society), without being authorized to make him(it).

Use the Web site for purposes of fraud or for quite different illegal end. To use the Web site to slander, offend, harass, pursue, threaten or strike a blow whatever other way it is for the legal rights of third, including, in a not restrictive way, for the rights of third for the respect for their private life or for their rights to return public information, or to collect or collect information on the users of this Web site. Usurp the identity of a person or an entity, including, in a not restrictive way, a representative of the site; Express in a erroneous way, or distort otherwise your links with a person or an entity in connection with the Web site; Either express or imply that we approve a declaration that
Interfere with, either disrupt(perturb) the functioning of the Web site or the waiters(servers) or the networks used to return the available Web site; or strike a blow at the requirements, the procedures, the rules(rulers) or the regulations(payments) of these networks. Restrict, or prevent, the use of the Web site by another person (including without limitation by hacking or by deforming a part(party) of the Web site). Use the Web site to make the advertising(publicity) of, or propose the sale or the purchase of the properties(goods) or the services(departments) for commercial purposes, without the agreement preliminary and written on behalf of dattr.com. Reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, create a link towards, either exploit(run) otherwise for commercial purposes, a part(party) of, use of, or access in, Web site. Modify, adapt, translate, make of the inverse engineering, decompile, or bone any part of the Web site. Delete an indication of copyright, mark, or other right owners appearing on the Web site or the elements stemming from the Web site. Frame or create a mirror of any part of the Web site. Create a database by downloading and by storing some contents of the Web site. To use a robot, an engine of sweeping(scanning), application of search / salvage dealer for site, either other manual or automatic system to recover, index, "tear away"("extract"), make of the "data mining" or collect whatever other way it is the contents of the Site Internet, either to reproduce or to by-pass the presentation(display) or the system of navigation(browsing) of the Web site, without the agreement express, preliminary and written of dattr.com. Besides, you recognize and suit that it is up to you (and not that it is up to the holder of the site dattr.com) to obtain and to keep(preserve) any material(equipment) and services(departments) of telecommunications, broadband, and IT, to reach in and use the Web site, as well as to pay all the expenses relating to it. If dattr.com has knowledge of information or passed on, posted(transmitted, posted) elements, or given for whatever other way that it is via or in connection with the Web site and being able to establish(constitute) a breach(negligence) in a law, a regulation(payment), or in the rights of a third(third party), including, in a not restrictive way, a law relative to copyright and ban on the defamation and the infringement(achievement) on the respect for private life, or a breach(negligence) for these Conditions of use, the site (admin, owner) has the right, without being there grateful(inescapable), to suspend or to deactivate the access auxdits information and elements.

3. Forums and ask.

The site dattr.com can propose, via the Web site, features allowing you to post publicly information, photos and other elements and images (below collectively called "Forums"). All the rules of behavior described in the Article 2 above apply to the Forums. Besides, he is forbidden you, safe with the express agreement preliminary and written on behalf of dattr.com, To use the Forums for commercial purposes, including to promote either the advertising(publicity) of the properties(goods), the services(departments) or the opportunities, and to use the Forums to incite other visitors or users of the Web site to visit, to become member of, to subscribe in or to register(record) on a commercial on-line service or other company. Written on behalf of dattr.com,

4. Release from Responsibility.

Although the site dattr.com tries hard to make so that the information appearing on the Web site is correct, us not garantisons does not guarantee the accuracy and the exhaustiveness of elements appearing on the Web site. The site dattr.com can modify elements appearing on the Web site, or the products and the price which are mentioned there, at any time and without advance notice. Elements appearing on the Web site can not be anymore up to date, and we take no commitment to update these elements. In the limits allowed by the law, dattr supplies you the Web site by taking for hypothesis that the site excludes any statements(declarations), guaranteed, conditions and other modalities(methods) (including, in a not restrictive way, the conditions planned tacitly by the law).

If you have knowledge of an unauthorized change of the Web site by a third(third party), thank you for contacting us by e-mail at the address mentioned in the Article 5 (to contact), by supplying the description of (of the) element (s) concerned (s) as well as the URL or the place on the concerned Web site where this (these) element (s) appears.

5. Contact.

If you wish to have your content removed from our pages please use one of the two forms linked below. removal content form
dattr.com do not ask and will never ask for information by email or cat interns in the site dattr.com). We draw your attention on the fact that the communications by e-mail are not inevitably safe. Consequently, do not mention, in the e-mails that we you send, the address and phone number of your credit card or payment, nor other sensitive information.

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